H o w   T o   O r d e r   a n d   P a y

If you consider a purchase, please send Elisabeth an email at chinacoast@mac.com or call 866-267-5304 to be sure that the item you are interested in is still available.

As a small dealer I try to keep returns to a minimum. If you must return, please contact me within a two day period after receipt of a piece.

You may pay with a bank check, a personal check or money order, or send payment through Paypal or pay through Paypal with a credit card. My registered email address with Paypal is chinacoast@mac.com. Orders from outside the United States can be paid with an international money order, Paypal, or though bank wire transfer. If in doubt, contact Elisabeth.

In most cases, you should expect to add shipping costs and insurance costs. I frequently ship UPS Second Day or USPS Priority or Fedex. Fragile items are often sent Second Day or Overnight. International shipments are normally sent through Global Priority or Global Express. Please check customs duty requirements in your country – I have found that FedEx shipments can be subject to customs.


F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s

Can I buy on approval?

This may be possible; email Elisabeth or call 512. 789. 7507 for details.

How do I display my robe and hang my embroidery?

Most importantly, be sure that the weight is distributed evenly. A robe can be displayed on a metal rod or a bamboo pole. Some textiles are sturdy enough so that a casing can be sewn to its back, and a wooden or metal rod can be inserted in the casing. In some cases, the textile is strong enough to be sewn to a larger piece of fabric. Velcro can also be sewn to the back of the textile, attach the stiffer/thicker Velcro to a piece of wood, and put the two together. Sometimes it is appropriate to stretch the textile over a wooden frame.

I will be glad to advise you.